BRT Bus PALAVA!! #Eko4show

So there i was heading back to the Mainland from the Islands where i had gone to pay my little brother’s allowance into his bank account. Well, ever since the BRT buses commenced operation in Lagos; i prefer boarding them to our original danfo(s) and molue(s). Anyway i bought a ticket, got on the bus and decided for the first time to sit at the front, i had no idea i was going to watch a real life movie. The bus was almost filled up when a fat heavy-duty woman came on board with her two friends, from the look of things and their bags; they were surely market women who had gone shopping for goods to take home and retail. You know, when you come on board, you give your ticket to the conductor who tears it into two and gives you back half, just in case something happens and you have to board another bus, or you get to the point where you have to submit your ticket for the other half of the trip. In most cases the Pilot/Driver is Male while the Conductor is Female. So the movie started like this;

The Pilot and the Conductor: back view after the fight..hehehe

Fat Woman:hands her ticket over to the conductor.

(And she is busy looking for where to sit as the bus was almost filled).

Female Conductor: Tears and hand it over, but while the woman was busy looking for a spot to sit and the conductor was calling on her and getting no response, she threw the ticket on the floor.

Another Passenger:Ha ha, why did you have to throw the ticket on the floor, she didn’t hear you.

(By now the woman had gotten a seat and heard her ticket was thrown to the floor.)

Fat Woman: Why would you throw my ticket on the floor, i gave it to you in your hands so you have to give me back the same way.

Female Conductor:*Hisses* I was calling on you to have it but since you didn’t respond, well be my guest and pick it up from the floor yourself or don’t pick it, that’s your business.

hmm, i just watched with interest as the drama unfolded and so did the Pilot who totally faced the steering and ignored their ranting.

Fat Woman: Chei, okay, you don’t pick up my ticket, we shall see, you must pick it and give me by hand otherwise i won’t pick it.

Female Conductor:*Hisses again* Picks the ticket and flung it towards the fat woman to the seat beside hers.

Fat Woman:Looks at the conductor, takes her tickets and says it’s not your fault.

Female Conductor:*Hisses again* and calls the fat woman ‘ODE’ in Yoruba language meaning *FOOL* and still eyeballs her.

Fat Woman:says Han Han, looks at her, got up from her seat, confronts her and challenge her for insulting her.

Female Conductor:Stands her ground and Locks the Fat woman’s blouse threatening to tear it.

Me: Well, the battle began, *slapping, biting, scratching, head butting, tearing blowing* etc; all these mostly from the Fat woman. The Pilot also watched and so did every other person in the bus, until a male passenger who was still outside, came into the bus to settle the quarrel; the fat lady was asked to get down and got her ticket back with a shredded blouse.

My Opinion:I know you must be thinking by now, where’s the video, well i did not dare bring out my phone to record the battle, but i got the crime scene photo for you readers (hehehe) though, as well as the back view of the Female Conductor. I don’t support fighting in public for whatsoever reason but i think the Conductor got the beating for having a sharp mouth. It’s called customer service, and she should have been more polite in her dealings with the fat woman. The only thing that pained me is the fact that she still believed she was right after all was settled. A simple, am sorry ma, take your ticket would have sufficed. Or what do you think???

the conductor’s back view
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  1. I lik dis blog…if u giv us mor of dis daily den I fink u makin d world a beta place….try promote d fight next tyme 4 a beta nd mor interestin episode…lmao


  2. Lol, Never a dull moment in lagos, even the blind can see, this captures it in ernest, from the lowest of customer care relationship to brute force shown in order to enforce rights. Nice write up Moji,


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