Healthy Eating Habits!!

“Proper Nutrition” – Before other health goals can be tackled, what goes into your stomach is of utmost importance. Our digestive system is designed to break down food into two parts, the first part the body needs for maintenance, so it breaks it down and distributes as nutrients into the bloodstream, the other part, the body cannot digest and does not need so it is turned into waste and eliminated from the body
You should also note that majority of health problems, matters and diseases are as a result of malnutrition or inadequate diet. Junk foods are not the best option for your body system and so is overeating because you are further damaging your body, by giving it more stress and excessive overload which goes on to deplete your energy that could have been put to better use.
Poor nutrition can have a very injurious effect on our health, and tackling it can be the key towards providing solutions to common and basic health problems like;
· Malnutrition · Memory loss · Fatigue · Constipation · Dental problems · Diabetes · Kwashiorkor · Scurvy, etc.
Listed below are a few guidelines for planning a healthy diet, sticking with it and setting yourself up for success; 
  •  Make simple and easy changes in your diet and always have breakfast.
  •  Gradually make it an habit to eat well balanced meals.
  •  Take a lot of fibre, vitamins, and proteins preferably through meals not pills.
  •  Eat smaller portions during the day and avoid eating late at night, be moderate.
  •  Listen to your body system and limit your salt and sugar intake.
  •  Avoid processed foods, junk foods and salty snacks.
  •  Eat your vegetables fresh and avoid over-parboiling if you have to cook.
  •  Lastly, start slow, Rome was not built in a day, with time it becomes a part of you.

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