Bible Vs Social Network!! #socialmedia

So here i was on a busy morning faced with the dilemma of either deleting some applications on my phone to make room for another important application OR buying a new phone with a larger memory which quite frankly was not on my list of priorities at that moment. So i googled and researched various phones trying to get that which would solve my current dilemma while serving another important task because i am the kind of person that loves to multitask or as the saying goes “use a stone to kill ‘say’ 5 beds” (Don’t laugh).Now let me tell you what i like; i love blackberry phones, i find it very uncomplicated and easy to use. i also like android phones preferably a tablet, that way i can engage in mini-surfing online and make skype calls, mhh, i love to skype, also because i do a lot of research online. lastly, i love my basic torchlight phone, my Samsung E’series phone that has a coloured screen, no camera, just radio and mp3 and it’s also a dual sim phone so i have 3lines and 2phones. I charge this phone every 3days and i use it mildly for calls. This phone is essentially good for emergency calls when your blackberry/android hangs or battery drains, also don’t forget it comes in handy when you have to find your way in the dark seeing as we don’t have constant electricity in our country.

So you see why i have a dilemma on whether to spend on a new blackberry device or an android. So here i was cracking my head trying to figure out a way to download that important application without my phone going nuts with low memory issues. Meanwhile I only had facebook, twitter, yahoo messenger and a bible app installed on my phone, now which one would go and which one would stay? I frequently make use of facebook, twitter and yahoo messenger! I only use the bible when i have to check for a verse, i hardly carry my bible book, so the bible app would make a better candidate for uninstall.

But i couldn’t do it, the thought of deleting that bible app felt terrible, I felt really guilty! Did it have to come down to these? Choosing between a bible or facebook or twitter? I pondered for days and thought about those preachers who believe the Internet age has made humans to be more susceptible to idol worshiping. Well it’s true that some people have become addicted to social networking. I would just like to say that the Internet should be seen as a positive influence on mankind, and used to that effect rather than being termed negative. Most of us cant even afford to turn off our phone. I know i won’t.

Anyway i finally made my decision this morning while in the shower, some believe great ideas come while you taking a shower. I did not delete my bible application, rather facebook was found culpable. Blackberry protect application was also found wanting!!

Never let social network get between you and your creator, rather let it have a positive influence on your life, use it as a tool to spread goodwill messages as far as you can. You never can tell who is watching or whose heart you are touching. And remember, #Godiswatching always!!

I wish you all out there an awesome new week!!


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