My Heart is Sold to You!!

The first time I set my eyes on you I had to take them off you not because you looked terrible but simply because I could not stand to look into your eyes, they are lovely, filled with warmth and compassion. I did only look at you for a few seconds that day but it felt like forever.

I have always been told that my eyes are intimidating but it is nothing compared to yours, I think I would melt every time I see those eyes, I feel as though they are looking into my soul. Am surprised because that day it was no more than a glance, but it felt too good so I simply tucked it deeply away from the current affairs of my heart.

The second and third time was brief as well, I sighted you from afar and alas I was stunned. I wondered why it was so, and I was curious too, and the thought made me happy. My heart practically felt still like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter’s Chamber of Secrets when she saw the Basilisk.

I had to thank the Good Spirits for this human that is so fearfully and wonderfully made by our Lord. He’s the only explanation for your creation and his explicit presence is so evident in your life I tell you.

Well then the third time I saw you, I literally couldn’t breathe and I could feel the muscles in my stomach tighten so I just had to go outside to get some air lest I choke. Hahaha, funny right, but it was true. Well thank Goodness you didn’t see me.

Then came the fourth time, I was excited to walk with you and I could tell my spirit was alive, I wished the distance would increase so it will take a while to get to our destination but then I thought that was a selfish thought so I discarded it.

So I wonder and I ponder and I tell you, not a day or forever would simply be enough to talk with you because the things you say, the words you speak and the smile on your face makes my heart listen to you and if you would promise not to break my heart in two, my heart is already sold to you.

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  1. Hi!
    Congratulations on being one of Danny’s featured bloggers. I was one of his featured bloggers too. Maybe you can check out my blog. While there, please join us at my New Years blog party.

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    1. Hi Janice…thank you.. You are so kind. Am familiar with your blog, don’t know if I follow already though, I think I couldn’t find the follow button.. Ha-ha. Will check out your new year blog party. Cheerios.

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