What Drives You?

Everyone has something that drives them, for some it could be either Love, Family, Money, Power, Success, Promotion, et cetera. Basically most people don’t even know what it is and even when you do know, it just laughs right back at your face daring you to step up your game, and try to put it to shame. If something is not done about it, it will literally drive you insane.

Some individuals have goals, dreams, and aspirations. Some, because not everybody actually has a plan, some folks are just contented with their supposedly secure life and lifestyle that they seek no further improvement. While others actually want more, way more, but something seems to be hindering their plans, something is not working right the way they have pictured.

What do you do when all your dreams seem to be falling down around you? My opinion; PRESS PAUSE!! Take a deep breath, step back and sideways, analyze your life so far. Nothing is possible without surrendering yourself to your creator first of all. Thank him absolutely for where you are right now. Thank him for the gift of family, friends and loved ones who you know got your back one way or another.

Examine the people around you, who is adding value to your life and who is not? Are there junks dragging behind you in the form of human being(s)? I will never forget one of my high school friends, her favourite line was “Never wait for anyone when the bell rings for classes”, heck she will never wait for me her good friend when the bell rings for prep time, she was a sweet and pleasant individual but she will tell you, meet me in class my friend, I love you too.

Bottom line is you know yourself, you know what you want, (am assuming you do). What do you want to do? Painting? Drawing? Buying? Learning? Selling? Singing? Or you want to develop yourself in a given field? Or perhaps it’s a hobby you want to cultivate? Start taking baby steps today, right now, say it, dream it, eat it, scream it out, think about it and believe it!! It’s time for you to be true to yourself, stop procrastinating, and I mean stop right now, get up on your butt and begin to do what you ought to do.

Nobody said it’s going to be easy or simple or straightforward, heck it’s going to be a very rough journey, there will be failures, near successes and eventually success but only if you BELIEVE and you take ACTION right now!! Are you still there? Are you still thinking? Stop THINKING my friend and start ACTING!!

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