Am i in Love??

It’s very common to hear people say they are in love, I am in love, and he’s in love!! One often wonders; how can you tell when you are in love. Different people have given different explanations as to what they believe to be descriptions of feelings of one that is in Love. I too often wonder, what it really feels like to say one is in love.

How do you even know you are in Love? Is it a sudden ache of joy in your heart, or rapid and fast heartbeats or…..? What exactly does it feel like? And how are you supposed to explain or describe the feeling of being in Love with another person. Why is heartbreak easy to describe? Or easy to notice? Is it easier to tell a person is going through heartbreak or a person is in Love? Is it possible to be in Love and ones demeanor is mistaken for heartbreak? How do you explain to folks that you are not heartbroken but instead you think you are in Love and the worst part of it is that you kind of feel a terrible pain but because you believe being in Love is a beautiful thing even when you are not loved back, your heart is happy that the feelings you feel are those of one that is in Love.
I always wondered too, how the heck do you explain to your mother or father supposed you are expected to, that you are in Love!! Hey Mum or Hey Pops, am looking this way because am in Love. How does that sound?? Mhhh. Even your friends are so worried about you because of the way you seem; Corny I would say!! So then what do you do?
Snap out of being in Love because obviously you are not loved back (like that’s even possible) OR be contented that Love grew in your heart though it didn’t grow in his or her heart towards you. I say be contented it did and don’t worry if you feel like you are not woman enough for him or man enough for her, just keep on with your life and above all BE HAPPY!!! Sadness is bad for the soul, it leads to depression which in turn leads to other vices!!

a bouquet of flowers
an attractively arranged bunch of flowers for you

I recommend this song for anyone who feels this way: Happy by Pharell!! Here’s a download link – XOXO!!!!

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