#Love, as explained by Brownie!!

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection for something or someone, it is an unexplainable attachment, passion, adoration, intimacy and endearment that we find ourselves having for something or someone which can also lead us to idolizing that thing/person in question or being under the control of this something or someone…, I believe that once u feel all this for something or someone it automatically means that you’re in love with whatever it is….

Now, the question that whether you are happy with whatever you are in love with is a totally different question. …, it has nothing to do with the question “Are you in love” because it’s possible that one is in love with what or who they are with but isn’t happy with that thing or person. 
You could love the sweetness of chocolate but each time you take it …you find yourself purging all day…It doesn’t change your love for chocolate but you might just want to be careful with your love for chocolate because obviously it is just not good of your body system and you are expected to stay totally away from it.
a photo of a rose
A Rose for you!
In essence, because you are in love with something or someone doesn’t mean that it is good for you or it makes you happy.
Have a bright week ahead people.
Article written by Tolu Brownie, Edited by Mary Job.
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