Dare To Make A Difference!!

It is not uncommon to hear people complain about their life every day, in fact it is a normal thing, especially in a Nation like ours, you hear things like, what is the government doing about all the bad roads we have, why are workers on strike again, electricity issues, infrastructural issues, unemployment issues, bad governance, corruption here and there, the list is endless. But when you ask most people the question, “What are you doing about these problems”? The answer you get often is the same; “what can I do about it”? After all am not rich and am not occupying any governmental position or living up to the standard I want yet so I cannot make any difference.

Do you know you can make a difference without being rich and without occupying any governmental seat? What is your attitude or character at home, in your work place, at school, in your neighbourhood, in your community, towards your neighbour, the gate-man, your co-tenant, your flatmate, and your classmates? How are you currently perceived where you reside? And in places you spend the 24hours you have in a day; every day? Are u just passing by, or watching, or being involved in activities around you, or minding your business? Are you accessible and approachable? Does your outward appearance says “come closer” or “stay the hell away from me”?
Oftentimes, a simple smile, a listening ear to a person in distress, offering your service to help out a friend on a problem or a simple gesture speaks volumes…wherever you may be right now or wherever you find yourself even if it isn’t where you believe you ought to be, understand that you are there for a purpose, a reason, what you do with your time where you are is up to you but at least as much as possible, endeavour to leave a mark.
If you are reading this, ask yourself this question; what would be said about me when I leave my current environment? Open your mind, be flexible, be an agent of change, let your impact be felt such that when you revisit, everyone is rejoicing and happy to see you once again. Let people say about you…we are in trouble if this person leaves, what would we do? NOT, oh thank God S(HE) is finally leaving, there will be some fresh breeze and peace around here!!
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