Do Employers really want Employees with Integrity?

One dictionary defines Integrity as “Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code”.

Most people put in their Resumes what they can do and what they cannot, Resume experts will tell you to tailor your CV towards a particular job advert, noting and including the keywords used in the advert to describe the job responsibilities and requirements. Apart from prospective employees claiming to be able to do what they know they cannot do or claiming to do something they never did, what bothers me today is the issue of Age.

The fact that people backdate their age in some countries today to get a job with specific age limits is no hidden agenda. I can’t help but wonder why a company would send out an advert for a graduate trainee or graduate management trainee position and set 26 years or sometimes 24 years as the age limit allowed to apply. Are they suggesting we don’t have graduates who are 28, 30 or 35years old? Take for instance, a country like ours where a course of study for 4years can run for 7years in almost all its public schools/university. And then it would probably take another 6 years of job hunting to get a job that will pay you above $300 on a monthly basis.

Now what’s to stop a person who is 28 or 30 or 34 years old from backdating his or her age to 26years old? All a person has to do to get a chance to partake in the interview stage is backdate their age to 26 on his/her CV, then get a court affidavit to support that.

Now I know most employers would say its not our fault a person decided to lie about their age to get a job interview, most people would of course end up getting the job and some might even become valuable employees in that organization. I just can’t help but ask such companies, why would you publish an advert with a specific age limit for applicants?

  1. What are you promoting? Dishonesty.
  2. What are you insinuating? Older people are unattractive and you want young inexperienced faces for your brand?
  3. What are you missing out? People who could have been your most valuable resource and taken your brand to greater heights.

This feels like Age Racism to me….you employ workers using their age as one of your criteria, are you saying people above that age are not up to the task or are old and therefore will retire earlier? Do you expect people who have backdated their age to display integrity at all levels of ethical conduct in your organization, they lied before, what will stop them from lying over and over again to protect their job? Or worse, engage in or display further debauched ideologies.

To be continued!!

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