E se aye re – Make the world a better place!!

So I came across this movie one cool evening on the African Magic Channel, the title was Adeoti the King or so, in the movie, the king had two sons, normally the eldest son should take the mantle when the king passed on. The king however, was very ill for a long time and throughout his illness, he indicated to his chiefs, that he wanted his youngest son, Adeoti, to be king after his death, he felt his eldest son was reckless and not fit to be a leader because of his behaviour and disposition in the palace. His decision did not go well with the eldest son who felt cheated by the father, so he plotted, killed the father by poisoning him and rallied to get the support of the chiefs to install him as the next king. The oracle was consulted, and the oracle chose the youngest son as the new king over the eldest, the chiefs because of their fear for the oracle, crowned the youngest son as king, while some of them together with the eldest son plotted to make his reign unbearable…well I think we can pretty much guess the rest of the story. What really caught my attention in the movie was the patience of the youngest son throughout his ordeal, under the guidance of an older man who had lived in the palace for ages and knew all that transpired within the palace walls. He was fond of sitting alone and singing this song:

E se aye re, ko dara,

E se aye ree, ko dara o,

Eyin t’aye mo, e se aye re.

Meaning:        Do/live the world aright,

Do the world right/make the world a better place,

Those of you the world knows, do the world right.

(I hope I interpreted it well. Need to upgrade my translating skills.)

When things got really rough for Adeoti, the new king, to the extent that his eyes were going to be plucked out as demanded by tradition, for letting the staff of office be stolen under his care. He was really agitated and unhappy that his eyes were going to be plucked out, he ran to the old man for help and advice and the old man counseled him to be patient the more, he sat him down and told him;

“That the ‘truth’ does not always prevail, and that sometimes, falsehood prevails for a very long time, that it may take lots of decades for even the truth to come out.”

Sometimes in our lives, events take place that paints a bad picture of our personality or that of people involved, anyone that hears of the event or witnessed it, sees only the bad picture that has been painted. This may be the picture everyone sees for a while or forever, and if you ever find yourself in such a situation, you need to ask yourself, how many people do I explain myself to? Will it change what has happened? Does this event make me who I am? Does it define me?

In my personal opinion, it does not matter how many people you try to explain yourself to, just let the event be, if the truth comes out, fine. If it does not, no problem. You know yourself, your conscience will judge you before anyone does, in your heart of hearts, you alone, know what truly happened, and it doesn’t define who you are or make you a monster. Let it go today if you are still thinking about it, life is a mystery even the greatest minds cannot fathom.

Most of all, BE HAPPY and STAY HAPPY!!

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