I LOVE YOU!! WHO? #Laali #zeeworld

So who else watches Laali? An Indian soap opera on Zeeworld TV Channel. This past weekend’s episode touched my heart, well if you know this particular soaps, you would know just how much Sheika loves Laali and would give his life for her without blinking and vice versa. So it happened that Sheika’s sister was going to be wedded to a very bad guy, Laali knew but no one in the house would believe her, Sheika was torn between the love he has for his sister, Pratna and Laali, Pratna couldn’t understand why his brother would be in love with Laali, a former maid in their Father’s mansion, and she wouldn’t have her brother mention or talk about Laali with her. Sheika didn’t know what to do anymore, everyday there was a quarrel among the family members and they were all about Laali, either she did one thing or the other, they were all against her. Unknown to Sheika, Laali is already pregnant with his child. So on the night of Pratna’s wedding, Laali planned to get an audio tape recording of the Groom’s deeds because she knew he was bound to misbehave again, by the way the Groom likes to molest women, and force them to his bed, sometimes even at gunpoint, he always got away with his deeds because he was a minister’s son and the father too would always get him out of trouble. Apparently, all the while Laali was accusing the Groom of being bad, Sheika’s father knew, to him, the wedding was a business transaction for both families. To cut the long story short, Pratna found out that Laali was on to something from a lousy mansion wife, the wife gave her a gun to hold just in case, Sheika was however looking all over for Laali too. The bride’s mother was worried something was up and was looking for her daughter too. Meanwhile the scuffle between Laali and the Groom was in favour of the Groom, unknown to him, his bride Pratna was already at the door and heard him tell Laali, that so what, he is guilty of all she accused him off, the bride’s father is aware he is a molester, and there was nothing she could do to stop the marriage. He was about to stab Laali when Pratna came in and pointed the gun at him, telling him to move outside, while concerned for Laali’s well-being. Cutting the long story short again, the groom overpowered the bride, Laali was down on the floor, the mother came in, and told him to let go of her daughter, he refused, said he would throw her off the balcony railings, the mother picked up the gun, shot him in the arm, as he was about to harm her daughter, the mother fired another shot, this one got the bride n groom together and they went over the balcony railings to the ground amidst the party. (You are thinking, why didn’t they hear the gunshots, well fireworks were going off at that time). The mother went into shock saying, she had killed her daughter. Laali covered her mouth and picked up the gun, when the police came, she said she did it, they took her away, Sheika was in shock too and speechless, he sat next to his sister’s body staring at nothing. Their grandfather liked Laali a lot and knew she loved the family and would do them no harm, he went to the police station and requested she should be allowed to attend the burial rites. Now I am getting to the part that touched my heart….hehehehe. At the burial, Laali walked up to Sheika and shook him hard saying, “look at your sister one last time before she is burned, I tried to warn you, you didn’t listen, why didn’t you do something, I was trying to shoot Moku the Groom when she came in between and got Shot, now she is dead, at least its better than she being married off to that monster.” Sheika went into a fit of rage, he shook Laali hard and then said to her “Marrying you was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life, You are a murderer, I hate you, I never want to set my eyes on you again, the bond between us is broken as of this moment”, then he screamed at the officers, take her away before I kill her. At that moment I couldn’t imagine how Laali would feel at his words.

Hmmmm…I want you to pause right now and imagine the love of your life, that one person that has a grip on your heart, so strong that your love for him/her cannot be quantified, imagine that person say those words to you or act them towards you!!!!! (Maybe minus the murderer part. LOL.) OMG, I would just pray the ground swallows me up right there or anytime I happen to set my eyes on such person. Funny these things do happen every day, if it happens to you, please don’t die or give up or go mad ehn…I know it is hard but you got to move on and keep HOPE alive and LOVE burning in your heart. Don’t develop a COLD HEART like a coldstone ice-cream delight. LOVE will come again to you when you least expect it! As long as you LOVE YOURSELF and the WORLD around you.

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  1. I have not watched laali but i sneaked into a woman’s apartment last night and they were advertising the return of Laali on Zeeworld. The woman’s daughter started celebrating. I do not know why this is good but as a carrot i just wanna save myself from being eaten by rats and she has lots of them

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  2. Damn…and I thought I was the only one who got the suckers for Indian soaps and movies. Their emotion..facial expression everything could get your heart racing. I really don’t know how they do it. Yes I watched lali…earlier when zee started showing it with their Hindu language on..I really don’t fancy the English translation. ..it kinda kills it but still they are my second pick about from Hollywood movies . Oh lemme see…(i forgot their tittles but the main characters stuck with me)…there was lali ofcos, Rhadika, Simi. ..and one that she often called the boy limcompo or something like that. There were so much that when it gets to a certain time..I and my fam would literally rush home so we don’t miss an episode. Indian movies?…we have stalks of them…by the way…when I first watched…kuchi kuchi hot hai!! I feel inlove with sharuhk Kain..and anjelie. Don’t tell no one. *winks*. For Laali. .. I would say..love eventually would inevitably win.

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    1. Oh i see, you are my partner in crime, my mom got me stuck, every time am home, shes watching and telling me, oh their culture is so similar, oh humans are d same all over, for the wicked ones, so i always teased her about being addicted, and because shes watching, am watching too, so i got hooked. Hehehehe and i love em, married again is also sweeeet, hmmm Kuchi Kuchi hot hai, i wish i could sing that song, we should do a video of us singing it…Hehehehehe!! And yes i feel so bad for poor Laali, poor and helpless, *teary-eyed* and i doubt Sheika meant those words e said to her, absolutely not. he is crazy about her more than she is.


      1. Hahaha. Would love to meet your mum. And oohh yeah we should definitely do a song together. ..would be epic. Lol. I haven’t been following married again…but I sure will now that you’ve mentioned. Yes I believe so so…He was just hurt and thought Laali betrayed him. At the end of the day…love would win. Have a lil faith. And have a splendid weekend..Afterall. .its the weekend darrhlyn! !!*winks*

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