Why are you here?? #purpose

We all strive, and dream for lofty heights, to soar into the far reaches of greatness that astounds our imaginations; yet we discover so late in our short, but appropriate life, that wishes were not what the world was made out of. We realize that wishes are like clinging to a cloven rabbits’ foot, a knock-on-wood phenomena So, we do all we can to buy that dream, a redemption, the perspicacity to hope or something close to it, so that we can justify our excuses and claim completeness. Amidst the tumultuous turn of events that shape the course of our lives to this point when we ask that poignant, yet irrefutable question, WHY ARE WE HERE?

Image created by MaryoJob

-This piece was written by my friend Dimeji Olawuwo
Inspired by “Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker” 2015.

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