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I just joined bloglovin because i read Brey’s post about it, it is absolutely cool and i am finding it an interesting place to be. I like interesting, do you? If so, join me on bloglovin to explore this new place. See ya sweeties. Xoxo.

Maria's photo in a green tshirt
Maria gone green!!

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Ordinary Adventures

I want to talk to you guys about Bloglovin’. I am actually only a recent user of this amazing blogging contrivance. I can’t even remember exactly how I stumbled across it, but it has been life changing. Imagine a beautifully crafted, easy to navigate, fun to browse, RSS feed of all your favorite blogs, all in one place. And that’s just the beginning of what it could do. Well, stop imagining and go look up Bloglovin’.

You can follow Ordinary Adventures on Bloglovin’ and always stay up to date on all my posts. You can also view similar blogs, if you’re just dying for more. I know I have found countless gorgeous blogs through this application. Not only by using this on some of my favorite blogs to discover more of the same, but also by doing this with my own page! These blogs (and myself) may not have 450k followers…

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