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Annie and her dog
Quvenzhané Wallis starred in Annie as Annie

Have you seen the movie “Annie” directed by Will Gluck. There is a scene where Quvenzhane collided with Jamie, (a businessman and politician campaigning for governor). A bystander captured that incident on his camera, uploaded the video on the internet and it went viral. Jamie was persuaded by his assistants to take some photos with Annie, to help boost his already failing campaign. However, he ended up being her temporary foster dad. Cameron Diaz also wanted to take advantage of the fact that, a billionaire sent for Annie, so she said “Her neck does seem a little Whip-Lash-y”, and Rose responded by saying, we will be happy to donate to a charity of your choice.  Are you familiar with the term “Whiplash?? I must confess, that was my first time of consciously hearing the word and i didn’t know what it meant. Hehehe, so I paused the movie, checked my dictionary for the meaning and voila…now i know!!

Whiplash-Driving Photo
Whiplash-Driving Photo

According to the Wiktionary; the term Whiplash means “an injury to the upper spine caused by a violent jerk of the head in either a backward or forward or side to side direction.”

My point – In life, we come across different things, words, objects, people, and cultures, that we know nothing about, at such moments, all we need to do is explore, discover, learn and understand. No human knows everything, let us not be too shy to say, we don’t know. Speak out and Find out!! If you enjoyed reading this post, kindly follow my blog and share with your friends too.

Cute photo of Annie and her dog
Cute photo of Annie and her dog

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