Rape – A Global Evil

Eighteen year old Shola (not real name) accused a man, who was supposed to be her guardian, of raping her in his office, at the early hours of the d-day when most workers were not in yet, her father had handed her over at dawn, so he would take her to the school where it was said that he worked, he was to help her with her admission issues. And this Man had this to say: She seduced me!! (Can somebody near him right now, give him a dirty slap please, thank you). It is really sad to find out that these things do happen, on a daily basis am sure, I am most certain it does. I have read all sorts of comments on this issue, some people say the girl is lying, others say the man is lying, while the rest apportion blames to the families, the government, the parents, the guardian, the girl, girls who dress indecently, etcetera.

Society should Preach Don’t Rape!!

I remember when i was about to get admission into the university, i was 17years old, my jamb score was 215, and the cut-off mark for the course i wanted to study was 230, there was this family friend of ours who is a teacher in the school i chose for my first choice, he said i could still get in but i wasn’t interested in going to that school anymore, i wanted to go to the one my brother attended and i processed my admission there instead. He had a business in the town my school was and one day he called me saying he was in my school area, my school was off-campus, which meant i stayed off campus, i had a roommate who was also a family friend. I gave him our house description and he came, parked outside, while i and my friend came out to greet him, he brought gifts and foodstuff and money, and he offered to take us out, and i gave him a reason while we couldn’t go out with him(i don’t remember what i said precisely), meanwhile my family friend was pinching me behind my back to accept his outing offer, oh i remember now, he offered to take us to the salon to go make our hair. My instinct told me something wasn’t right, so as he was leaving and we were offering our thanks.

“i said; thank you very much Sir, i will tell mummy and daddy you came over so they can say thank you too.” “He quickly paused, and said, no no no, they don’t have to thank me and you don’t have to tell them i came around. I said thank you nevertheless, and smiled.”

It is very possible i may have assumed he didn’t have ulterior motives, i may have said to myself, after-all he is a family friend and a family friend is more like a guardian. What i want you to understand is that RAPE does happen, and we need a united voice to tackle this evil. Some people would want to justify Rape, like they don’t know it happens between married couples too. Why do we look for reasons to justify rape? are the perpetrators so lacking in self control, that we don’t think they should be in psych wards? Here are some of the comments i came across while reading up on this story.

Stop being a Jerk Pic
Men should speak up against Rape!!

 He said an 18yr old who was visiting his office for the first time asked him to be free with her and do whatever pleased him with her and that she was even playing with his manhood.
His defense is silly and is obvious he had been doing that to numerous girls who throng his office for one issue or the other.
 Dead beat dad, drop your teenage daughter to a friend and go away to your business. Trust? Your Bla bla bla -insulting. Must you insult before you make your point?
That he had a condom with him then is not even a genuine reason to assert that he has been abusing other students. The man was thoughtless, he messed himself up, but it’s hard to get him convicted in a court of law.
 That is the danger of looking for underhand deals in the name of admission. Could you believe the wife and the children of the man were still with him at the time of the interview? In my opinion, the wife should show dignity to herself and put this man who has shown her no respect in his place.
 The wife won’t do that because if she does. who will provide for the family?. she can’t claim for single mother benefit from government because it does not exist in our country . Ebi ma ti lo pa ju
 Either way it goes, this man was very wrong! He betrayed the trust reposed in him by a friend and neighbor. A married man with children, he could have done a better job resisting whatever temptation he claims overtook him. Let him face the music he composed for himself.
 How could somebody get to office around 6.30 am and wanted to lie down with shirt removed in the presence of such a young lady who is neither his girlfriend or daughter? How can someone lie as much as this man has done here? I think he should just face the issue at hand and repent. If it were to be a mutual sexual intercourse, why did the girl become annoyed and reported it as a rape case?
and then here we have about 10 comments on Cecil the Lion – I don’t understand how Cecil the dead Lion got into this discussion though!!

Men get raped pic
Men get raped too!!

 Get that …….. Why I raped……as if it is legal in Nigeria……warped mentality.
 Punch editor didn’t see that I guess. What a crappy headline!
 Punch merely used that headline to attract traffic to its site. Baruwa the lecturer never admitted he raped Shola the intending undergraduate.
 This is a simple case that requires no police investigation. Let both of them swear by Ogun, Sango and Warapa. That’s all.
 The punishments for rapist is not strong enough, a major reason it doesn’t deter them. Make the punishment stronger, like 15 years sentences to life depending on the age. Then you’d see a bit of reduction.
And this one i was wondering who said it –
 I am not against the lecturer on this issue of rape. I blame the young girl that was raped.She seduced the man that was why he raped her. I am tired of seeing people defending any girl when she was raped. No one is defending men from seductive girls allover our streets. Look at how girls are all over our streets with sexy and half naked dressing every day. I hate seeing anyone blaming any man when he rapes a girl. Girls are guilty of rape because they are dressing half naked every day. If I am a lawyer I will never defend any girl that was raped.
 I am sorry for you. How many have you raped? Up to 30?
 I know that you belong to a Church where women put on trousers to the church. Let me tell you. Indecent dressing is worse than rape. Women should stop seducing men otherwise they will continue to suffer rape. I hate seductive dressing.
 You don’t know that. You don’t know anything about where I belong. Indecent dressing is a problem among ladies nowadays. Yes, and it could be tempting. But you also have to admit that a great many well-dressed ladies are raped every day. How would a 4 year old girl dress that would make a 30 year old man rape her, for example?
 Never try to cross the shores of Nigeria because you will definitely end up in jail with this your Islamic mind-sets. Travel to Europe especially this summer season and see almost naked girls everywhere, any touch will put you behind bars for like 20 years.

Speak out Rape Pic
Don’t Hide, Speak Out, it strengthens your soul!!

Little lessons to learn from this;

  • Parents, don’t entrust your wards into the hands of people you don’t know just because they were recommended to you or just because you stay in the same area with them. Even the people we know, family, close friends, neighbors, do disappoint us, how much more those we do not know so well at all.
  • Bottom-line, DO-IT-YOURSELF!! Take the time and pain to go with your children to help with these tasks, it isn’t too much to ask of you.
  • Girls, Ladies, Women, there is no such thing as being too paranoid, we are blessed with great instincts, at detecting danger even before they occur, when your mind tells you to…RUN!! Well, literally, but when you feel something is wrong, wiggle your way out before danger strikes, don’t assume, oh he’s my father’s friend, he wouldn’t dare! Some people really lack discipline and self-control!!

It might be a good idea to have people jailed for intended rape though, or what do you think? What can be done about this sad evil that is eating up into the fabric of our society, all around the world, every day, we hear cases of rape here and there, this is another reason why the world needs to stand together.

United we stand, Divided we fall. Or rather, keep on falling and failing!! What are your thoughts??

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