AfroNative – #Afronativegh #chalewote2015 #ApmenMultimedia #GodWin

There is this colleague I work with, super sexy dude, as a mater of fact, there are three of them, including our Boss. These guys are super wonderful to hang out with, great at their jobs.
Anyway, you see Henry here loves so much ‘Korede Bello’s dance style, I share with you, my recording of him while doing his GodWin dance and some photos of his Clothing Line, Did i mention he’s got a superb dress sense too, yes he does!! Sexy right? Who wants to battle? Hashtag me using #teammariaGodwin on Facebook, Instagram or twitter to show case your Godwin dance.

#ApmenMultimedia Pic
#ApmenMultimedia #Teamwatertower
Henry & Obed pic
#ApmenMultimedia Henry & Obed
AfroNative Wears pic
AfroNative Wears – Get yours now!!
Henry & Obed & I Photo
#ApmenMultimedia #Africa Henry & Obed & I
Henry's pic
#ApmenMultimedia #Africa Henry just chilling
Henry Fresh outta Art43 Media pic
#ApmenMultimedia #Africa Henry Fresh outta Art43 Media

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