Have you made anyone smile today??

I believe everyone deserves an opportunity to be happy, to smile, and i believe we can make the world a better place, if we as individuals choose to make it a habit to make someone smile daily, i cannot over emphasize the need to for us as individuals to make it our duty to do this.

Today, a friend of mine shared this story, he was out on his way in Poznan Jeżyce (Jeżyce is a part of the city of Poznań in western Poland),

Bart and Mrs Barbara Photo
Bart and Mrs Barbara

when he met this woman, Mrs. Barbara who stood quiet and helpless by the roadside. He pulled over, and asked her what the problem was, she informed him that she was blind, and must get to the bus stop and asked if he could help. He said, of course he helped. And added If you see someone with a big yellow arm-band, with three Black Dots, ask how you can somehow support. He is asking us all to spend at least 5 minutes of our time doing something good.
Adorable right!!..We can all make the world a better place by engaging in little acts of charity for people when they need it, regardless of whether we know them or they are total strangers!! Well done for putting a smile on her face.

Have you put a smile on someone’s face today????? Lets try to put a smile on someone’s face today, everyday!!

7 thoughts on “Have you made anyone smile today??

  1. Everyone deserves a smile; it’s a creed I live by. Sadly, I tried offering smiles to two young foreign men that were in my local grocery store. They snidely refuted my act of kindness and I immediately understood that my act was considered forward and unaccepted since it came from me, a female. This behavior only strengthened my belief that these two are out of place in an area of the world where we respect, honor and live in peace. Sadly, I couldn’t help but wonder what intentions they have for being in a country that believes all people deserve to be treated equally.

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    1. Yes dear everyone does deserve a smile, i feel nothing but sadness for people like that who refute such simple acts of kindness. But it doesnt stop us from offering our smiles anyway while we pray their hearts will be touched to understand these little acts goes a long way if we all would practice it.

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      1. Beautiful sentiments, and you are so right. We must never be dissuaded by those who do not yet see, for there is hope within us all.

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  2. Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Acts of kindness and looking out for our fellow human beings adds up! Do not underestimate your sphere of influence…people see your acts and it can become contagious!!

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    1. Yes Dray you are right about that, it sure can be contagious. Thanks for reblogging.

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  3. Bravo! The small acts of kindness add up!

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