Let her be

Just had to Reblog this, i couldn’t have said it any better – Well, I truly believe I would stay still. Liberty and Respect are the founding principles of any relation. These two words alone scream “Love” louder than many actions.

Let's talk about the L word!

So, while I lay down, awake in the dark, I ask myself this.

Would I want to see her, now, worrying about me, incapable of handing herself to sleep and despising her thoughts, just like it happens with me, this meaning that she actually loved me; or do I prefer her to be peacefully lost in a quiet rest (as I presume she must be), disregardful of me and all the damaging trouble passion naturally brings to our lives, so harmful to a lover’s heart?

This is a complex interrogation, harder than it may seem at first. The answer, however, can be pretty simple. It’s so tempting to want her to feel me, in that way I wished she did. If only I could… But, let’s be honest, if I could control her heart, would I dare to act on it, or just let her be instead?

Well, I truly believe I would stay still. Liberty and Respect are the founding principles of any relation. These two words…

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  1. Hello Mary. How are you doing.

    Prof. Dayo Alao CEO, Babcock Centre for Executive Development / Professor of Mass Communication Babcock University P.O.Box 1 Ilishan Remo Ogun State Nigeria

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