Cat and Goose…ever wonder why???

Have you ever wondered why they say “curiosity kills the cat”? or why they say something or someone is on a “wild goose chase”? This clip is the first scrap edited video..!! Hope it gets better…jajaja!!! Curiosity killed the cat (as a proverb) can mean – being inquisitive about other people’s affairs may get you into trouble. WHILE, a wild goose chase, means a foolish and hopeless search for or pursuit of something unattainable.

I wonder what prompted these sayings, what do you think?
Moral of the story
  • This cat didn’t die, it was simply chased away, hence, curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. It depends on what you are curious about.
  • The geese were not on a hopeless pursuit for something unattainable. Nothing is impossible, all you got to do is dream it, believe it, work hard, and let God bless your hustle!!
  • Lastly, you can strive for perfection, but never be ashamed to show what you currently are, Rome was not built in a day! @my first scrap video!!

2 thoughts on “Cat and Goose…ever wonder why???

  1. Haha! Am curious about you Mj and may I alsoo add that am on a search for you. Hehe! Where are you for goodness sake! Cheers!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cho oooo, you know where am at so don’t be curious. Lol.


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