The Forgotten Context Of Religion.

This is by far the most sensible piece about religion that i have come across. I always wonder why every religion is on a quest for superiority…..Love, to me is the absolute truth, love your neighbor as you would love yourself and do them no harm. the world would be better if we can stop underestimating the power of prejudice in our lives. The aim of religion has been forgotten and routine is what we now have, with no room for open-mindedness.


I once came across a sad story about a student who was denied exit from a school building during a fire emergency evacuation. The people who were regulating the exit of the students pushed the teenage girl back into the building because her dressing was viewed as indecent. This incident is an extreme case of a crisis in thinking that is common in our lives. Basically, the people regulating the exit had to decide between  Protocol and Objective. The objective was to save as many students as possible, and the school protocol was that everyone dress up in a certain way. They gave in to the temptation that most of us face; a tendency to stray from the objective and context of a situation.

Often times, a routine eventually becomes sacred such that the objective or original context is forgotten. This is what has made religion something sacred for most people; an idea that…

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