Your Attitude Matters!!

In my class today, we were discussing the components of intellectual capital: Human capital being the first, seeing as it’s the heart of intellectual capital which relates to employee knowledge, competence, skills, abilities, capabilities and innovation. People generate this through their;
1. Attitude (behavioral dimensions)
2. Competence (skills and education) &
3. Intellectual Agility (innovativeness) !!

Intellectual Capital Model

You see, human capital is a major source of value addition to any organization, but then again, how do you measure this value? (That’s for another day). The FACT is, you can have all the education and skill in the world, BUT, what’s your attitude? To life? Family? Your job? Your business? Your environment?????

While the intellectual agility and competence of an individual is a huge turn-on for a knowledge worker. The attitude of that individual is also paramount. It’s one of the reasons why a chief knowledge officer is required to work with the human resources manager when recruitment is going on. That being said….your attitude really, really matters, as an individual. Even if you are a chief executive officer.

Rock a great ATTITUDE!
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