You look sExY..what is sexY?? #Stereotype

It is amazing how warped our minds can be, and how positively or negatively the media, our society and our environment can have a huge influence on our thoughts, subconsciously, in such a manner that, we are made to accept something as normal and others, abnormal, which makes us so narrow or close minded in such a way that we can’t see beyond its already accepted perception or notion of things, people, places, etc that are mostly underappreciated. We must learn and keep learning to undo bad influences that aim to make us narrow-minded so as to be free and rid of stereotypes!!

I woke up around 2:51am yesterday morning, I slept off earlier at about 7:56pm, I had a wonderful independence day celebration, it was my first and best independence day party. (Will tell you all about it later). Anyway, I definitely wasn’t going back to sleep, had enough, I made myself a hot cup of lemon tea, picked up my phone, which is like my 24/7 companion and started responding to messages, I was whatsapping, pinging, facebooking, instagramming and tweeting and…now blogging😁. My BFF was up too so he buzzed me and we started chatting, he saw my Instagram pics and said; I like your IG pics, you look sExY!! The conversation went like this:
[02/10 04:16] Ade Mtn: You look sexy in your IG pics
[02/10 04:17] Moji Job: Yeeey I am sexy
[02/10 04:17] Moji Job: U think
[02/10 04:17] Moji Job: ?
[02/10 04:17] Ade Mtn: I know.
[02/10 04:17] Moji Job: I don’t term myself sexy at all
[02/10 04:18] Moji Job: I think sexy is with killer heels..barbie dolled up face and body hugging clothes
[02/10 04:18] Moji Job: 😃
[02/10 04:19] Ade Mtn: Lol.
[02/10 04:20] Ade Mtn: Send me one of the pics you used.
[02/10 04:20] Ade Mtn: The problem you ladies have is.  That you define sexy by your own terms.

my sexy photo
Sexy MJ

[02/10 04:21] Ade Mtn: We are the ones that know what we like and see.
[02/10 04:23] Ade Mtn: Now from this picture.
[02/10 04:25] Ade Mtn: You look tall, the jeans seats perfectly on you.
I love ladies that wear shoes, especially all stars Sneakers are great also.
[02/10 04:25] Ade Mtn: Your tee is great, fits well. Not too flabby not too loose.
[02/10 04:25] Moji Job: Hahaha
[02/10 04:25] Moji Job: See analysis
[02/10 04:25] Moji Job: Thanks..😊
[02/10 04:25] Ade Mtn: I’m a sucker for braids.

[02/10 04:26] Ade Mtn: So I give u 9/10.
[02/10 04:26] Ade Mtn: I keep 1 cause I’m mean!!

[02/10 04:26] Ade Mtn: The picture makes you look dominant.

So I went to go look up sexy in the dictionary, it read: adjective (comparative sexier, superlative, sexiest)(of a person) Having sexual appeal; suggestive of sex. The participants in the swimsuit competition are all very sexy.
Translations (slang: very attractive or appealing).
*lying face up on my bed here, just thinking, what do you think of sExY??*

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  1. I like this post. It brings up an interesting question. I think the term “Sexy” has become so broad a term that it’s meaning is different for everyone. For me sexy is not a sexual term. For example I finished a piece of jewery a couple days ago that I term “Sexy”. .The combination of crystals and the way it will catch the light when worn is “Sexy”

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