Control your Time, Don’t let it control you!! What are you Neglecting?

For almost a week, a fingernail had broken slightly, i ignored it, i was too wrapped up in work, school, home life to allow myself be bothered by that. So two mornings ago, as I was dressing up, the pain got worse. If you have experienced this before, you would know it’s really painful when part of a nail is slightly broken and that nail isn’t cut out. So I told  myself, why not just cut the while thing out. I sat, picked my nail cutter and got to work. To my amazement, my nails (toes and fingers) were long overdue for trimming and I barely noticed, unusual I tell you.
Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our life projects that we fail to notice the little things that spice up who we are, we ignore these little things, telling ourselves it will be dealt with sooner, until it ends up not being dealt with and it ends up hurting us more or bringing us pain. We do the same to people that matter to us all the time, we keep telling ourselves, they will be there forever and we would have their time soon enough, but alas, one day, they are Gone!!

Now they properly trimmed and it feels good

Are you neglecting something or someone equally important to you right now? Still telling yourself there is time, or it can wait? You better have a second thought lest it goes poof before your own eyes. Time does indeed waits for No ONE!!

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