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True story. In the late 90s i was part of the Ogun State Basketball Team alongside Larry Johnson Balogun and Adeoye Idowu Ajala and a few others, and we were set to feature at the National Sports Festival that year, but had to play zonal qualification tournament against Oyo, Lagos and Osun State. The tournament was at Adamasingba stadium and i was super excited to represent my State, i was so young and was gonna shoot 3 pointers lights out, and do MJordan impressions, stick my tongue out, kiss the floor, make cool gestures when making free throws and the whole NBA shebang. But low and behold we got to the venue and we had no jersey to wear as a team. All the other teams were fully kitted with matching trainers, some even had their names at the back of their jersey and we were confused as to what was gonna happen. As you can imagine, i was livid…but wasn’t as free and uncensored as i am now, so i sat there in utter dismay. But guess what, what started as a bad day got even worse as our team had to borrow the jersey already worn by Osun State players in their game against Lagos state, soaked in sweat…stunk to high heavens and we had to wear it for our game against Oyo state which commenced immediately. I remember vividly squeezing the sweat out of the vest i got like tiny rain drops and wearing it…feeling the coldness of wet rag over my back before lining up to play. Now do i need to tell you we got completely hammered by Oyo state, despite the fact we had great players like the two gentlemen i mentioned above. The morale was dead and how could i even try to be cool when i looked like sh*t.
I made a promise to myself that when i grow up and get sorted, i will do something about grassroot sports and try to prevent such ugly scenarios again…as nobody should ever have to go through that. Well… that time has come. Join me in welcoming MACJOB SPORTS FOUNDATION and please support this course as it’s dear to my heart.


Support/Donate Here, in any way you can if you agree that no one should ever have to go through such a demoralising feat/situation!! (Read more about the foundation also by clicking here). Thank you Fans and Followers.

A piece written by the Founder.. MacJob, G.

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