What did you learn today?

I spent my day in the school library using their computer because my PC is faulty, and I really need to submit chapter 1-3 of my thesis to my supervisor. So as not to lose any of my documents and for them to be accessible easily, I have been saving to my onedrive (online storage). The computers in the library don’t have microsoft word installed, they have wordpad. Hence I had to use word online, which worked superbly. However I noticed I could highlight a text but couldn’t click on cut, copy or paste, it prompted me to use the shortcut keys. I have been using a computer since 2002 when cybercafes became popular, i even took a course in desktop publishing that same year, where we learnt about microsoft word, corel draw and others, I literally became a tech freak and fell totally in love with information technology. BUT do you know, I never knew the shortcut key for “CUT”. I remember always asking myself what it is but I never for once googled for a answer. Today I learnt something new. I learnt the keyboard shortcut key for ” cutting a selected text” is “control x”. I also learnt something else, having a basic knowledge and understanding of how the little tools we make use of everyday works wouldn’t cost a fortune and does come in handy. Example: what makes a blender work? Do you know? I don’t. It’s very okay not to have all the answers, one person cannot know everything, but we can enlighten one another. So how about you tell me something you learned today that you never knew?


  1. A friend of mine had to go into the emergency room this weekend with what seemed to be stroke-like symptoms.

    Thankfully, he was not having a stroke but he was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, a condition in which the nerves in his face were mal-functioning, almost like the nerves were shorting out like electrical wires can do.

    AND this condition is caused by a virus from a childhood illness, like the mumps or the chicken pox, before there were vaccines given out to us aging Baby Boomers for this illnesses.

    I did not know that!

    Anyways, sweetie, were you able to finish up your thesis? That is the main thing! 🙂
    Hope so!

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    1. Woow, learned something new, I never knew that too. And ooh yeah, I have a date with my supervisor after lunch today, to submit chapter 1 and 2..in d library putting finishing touches to it.

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  2. Today I learned that no matter how prepared you think you are sometimes life happens. I had a business meeting in Madison, I knew exactly where I was going. I got to the meeting sight and there was not a single door on the exterior of the building that had a handle on it!! I had to call the front desk and have the receptionist let me in. How Bizzare!

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    1. That’s really bizarre, so how do people get in? Sounds like a strictly by appointment or invitation building. Life does indeed happens no matter how prepared one is, we think we are ready but life happens and we find we aren’t. Thanks for sharing dear.

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