Ignore the MOFOS & Stop the Bully!!

Life is too short to worry about stupid things or waste your time on MOFOS. Have fun. Have a pure heart. Set your sights not on Vanity. Fall in Love. Dream big. Live your dream. Be happy and excited always. Regret nothing, have a clean hand and don’t let people bring you down.


I have had a crazy week so far, working round the clock on my thesis. My dead PC isn’t helping at all, had to use the Library PC from morning to night to get the job done. Through it all, I am grateful because I have learnt an awful lot and gotten so many ideas from friends too. My supervisor insisted we do an extensive literature review, that has been a blessing, because the more I read, the more my mind is open to the many possibilities before me. God bless my supervisor. She’s been a loving mother and an awesome teacher. To my Family, colleagues and friends, you are all wonderful and appreciated.

Meanwhile, did you all know it’s the national bully prevention month? Bullying isn’t just physical. When you post up photos or make comments that are supposed to be funny but hurting to the concerned party…that’s bullying too.


Pretty is Relative. Positivity is Contagious, if the people around you ain’t catching the positivity flu, change your circle of friends….again, Never let anyone bring you down. Remember, when rescuing someone who is drowning, if care is not taken, you both go down!!

2 thoughts on “Ignore the MOFOS & Stop the Bully!!

  1. Loving this message! Happy to have found you through A Momma’s View!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much. Glad you do. Definitely checking out yours too. Pleasure to meet you too. Cheerio.


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