English gone crazy!

English is so interesting these days, one finds all sorts, in my country we have what we call ‘pidgin English’…it’s English so sweet when spoken, it feels better than speaking American or British English. That’s a fact!!

Pidgin Attacks English...Mhh.

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Pidgin English is so wonderful almost everyone understands you when you speak it in Nigeria,(Some other countries in Africa have theirs too), though it might take a foreigner a while to adjust…Hehehe!!

At the time of the last census, there were approximately 250 different ethnic groups in Nigeria, with many different languages, customs, and religions. Due to this rich ethnic diversity, the Nigerian identity is very heterogeneous. The three largest ethnicities are Hausa and Fulani, Yoruba, and Igbo.

And let’s not even go into dividing the 3 because we will end up with 250 different languages. But you see the pidgin English is understood by approximately all, old and young, educated and uneducated, literate and illiterate. (I have a problem with these educated/literate stereotype too but that’s for another day). However what led to this post, is the way and manner we write English on social media these days, I can deal with OMG – oh my God, IDK – I don’t know, because they are acronyms. I can even deal with d – the or and – n or nd, but what in the heck is K/KK – OK, kum – come, kwarrect – correct, and all those other short forms that are longer than the actual spelling.

What's coming out of your mouth??

Image courtesy this link.
To be honest, its aggravating, and you will be surprised students now use it in classrooms because they are so used to using them on social media chat rooms. As a matter of fact, acronyms shouldn’t be used in the classroom for your teacher to read. What I am saying in essence is thus, while the use of short forms are permitted on social media due to content restrictions and all, can we try not to let it ruin our lives by limiting our use on social media to words that reflect the actual spellings and necessary short forms. The last thing you want is sending someone who isn’t familiar with such words a message, and the person asks if you are OK? Jajaja(By the way, that’s hahaha in Spanish).


  1. Good post sweetie! Natalee, my honorable 2nd daughter not born to me, is a high school English teacher and she pulls her hair out because kids nowadays think that the slang language and abbreviations that they use in texts and IMs (instant messages) are perfectly acceptable in a formal written manner. And what’s worse is they think that jobs that demand that same formal written manner are stupid. They honestly believe that potential employers should be the ones to change, not them! You and I know that they will quickly learn and hopefully not too painfully, right?

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