A good heart!

If we could all think like this, the world would be a better place

I came across this on a friend’s timeline on Facebook, and I just had to share. Imagine if we could all spend a little time out of our daily lives investing on others. We are so I-Driven, everything we mostly do is about us.

Day 2 after talking with Gbolahan

He does look sober!!

Day 3..Gbolahan in front of where he sleeps!!
Getting Gbolahan to try a smile
And Finally he smiles

He does look brighter….did you make anyone smile genuinely today?

He looks so better!!

Amazing right? If we all would be our brothers keeper or sisters keeper, the world would indeed be a better place.

Pledging my part!!
Support Gbolahan

You are probably thinking you don’t have enough money to spend on yourself, hence you cannot afford to give out of the little you have, but understand this, there is hope. This guy had none. I feel the same, but I couldn’t resist giving out $25 out of the $65 I get as my work-study paycheck every month. Your assistance too will be highly appreciated too. Xoxo.
Leadership they say, is by example, She led, am following…How about you? Her account number is right up in the first picture, send in what you can, make a difference.

We can all make a difference!!


            1. Yes it is o. Thanks sweetie. Had to borrow a friend’s to use in class this morning. I plan to take it to our computer village here tomorrow to get it checked. I have a pile of work. Back hurts from using the school library morning to evening and its not flexible.

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