Don’t Rape!!

Society should Preach Don't Rape!!

Almost all the time we hear about rape cases here and there, if it doesn’t hit close to home, we think we are safe and further endeavour to protect our families from being victims. But how safe are we in this world? How would you counsel a female who got raped by her father and doesn’t want the mother to know because she believes it will kill her to hear such? What would you say to such a person? When are we going to recognise rape for the evil it is? and when do we get a sex offenders register in Nigeria? Because it is so evil, when it happens, it is covered up because its shameful for the family involved!! A guilty rapist should seek medical help or spiritual guidance or be in a psych ward. Truth be told, It’s burdening, and am seeing a faceless face and wondering what to do to help!! What do you think should be done?

5 thoughts on “Don’t Rape!!

  1. We need to publicly shame rapists especially those whom abuse kids and the family trusts.


    1. This is really disturbing, why would a father rape his daughter? Very traumatic for the child.

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      1. Can you imagine the trust he broke? The child will forever carry this scar for life.


        1. It’s the highest form of betrayal my dear. Yes she will.

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