The Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

Hello beautiful people,

I was invited by Element Healing to participate in the Three Day Quote Challenge. With this challenge, you post one quote a day for three days and also invite three people to participate each day.

This is day 1, so here we go

My Quote for the day

……Past tense shouldn’t be worried about, its what it is, ‘past tense’. However it can be reflected upon as a guideline for future living!!😊

Job Mary Mojisola

Part of the challenge is to invite three people each day to participate. By doing so we are spreading encouragement, inspiration and friendship to our fellow bloggers. So:

Today I invite
Kally’s Blog
Shamoil’s Blog and
Jeneane’s Blog

Have a lovely day!!

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5 thoughts on “The Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

  1. Oh my, you have set me a tough task sweetie, but I will try this. That’s why I have my commonplace book blog for my many quotes by other people because they are more eloquent than I will ever be lol! Okay Day 1 of the Three Day Quote Challenge will begin on Friday! 😀

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    1. Take your time dear. Just copy, paste, edit and insert your favorite quote. Then ask 3 friends to do same. Hehehe. It’s sure a fun way to inspire others.

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      1. Wait – am I supposed to come up with a quote of my own or post a favorite quote by someone else? Maybe I did it wrong, oops!


        1. A favourite quote of someone else I believe, I came up with mine because I love quotes. So you can do it either ways.. Cheerio.

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          1. Lmao, oops , I put in something I like to say a lot. Oh well, I guess I will continue that trend. 🙂

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