Who doesn’t make mistakes?

Let’s assume you are driving on the freeway, suddenly another vehicle veers to your side from the next lane forcing you to also veer sideways away from your lane. The other driver regains control and is back on its lane.
What will be your first reaction? Assuming you got three options.
A. You yell to the other driver, are you okay?
B. You yell, are you insane? Or say outrightly, you are insane or mad or stupid.
C. Ignore as though nothing happened, while muttering under your breath that the other person must be either mad, drunk, or just made a mistake.
Most often than not, option b is mostly used. We forget mistakes do occur and that could be us making that driving error tomorrow. Perhaps a little compassion won’t hurt. Let’s just hope the veering stunt leaves everyone unhurt.

Practice careful driving!!

Don’t veer off the road today.

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  1. That’s a good reminder! Personally, I would be a mix of B and C, complaining to myself as I bring the car back into the right lane. I’m a very careful driver, but even so, the other day my car fishtailed on wet leaves as if I were driving on ice and caused the front end to cross lanes. Fortunately no other cars were around! Mistakes do happen-even to the most cautious driver-but being attentive (paying attention to the road and not your phone) will help avoid many accidents. I’ve seen too many close calls happen because people were texting while driving.

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