Can this be justified??

So I came across this picture on one of my blackberry messenger groups and I thought to share with you my readers, to get your opinions on such an issue. The other day a video went viral about a pregnant woman who jumped off an high rise building, because her mother was not only sleeping with the husband but was equally pregnant.

Is this justified?

Apparently, this man got burnt by his wife because he had sex with her Mother. Let’s assume this is true, and assume the worst possible scenario led to this, is this justified?? What can you make of such a situation??

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13 thoughts on “Can this be justified??

  1. This is terrible! Where’s the moral?

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    1. That’s right.. That’s what I thought too.

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  2. In my opinion, people should learn two things: to thrive to follow the moral imperatives such as love and unity and to make allowances for another’s mistakes or short-coming. Evil is in our nature, and it’d be in our best interest to try to talk about it as an impersonal entity. Everyone starts off as wanting to accumulate and provide good things for himself and to others respectively, but he derails when he gives in to the whispers of evil. The man was wrong for supposedly doing what he did, and the woman was also wrong for not forgiving. You can’t change the world by punishment, at least not in this way. This way hardens the heart and nurtures frustration and confusion which roll back to given the same manifestations of evil.

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    1. Yeah that’s right. They all committed an Evil the way I see it.

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    1. Yes they all did, big time too.

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  3. JUSTIFIED??? I strongly disagree, am not in support of wat he did but I bliv married or not, its a free world, come 2 think of it, in a situation whereby he died, u think his folks & d govt will take it lightly with her. I bliv personally if I find my self in such a mess ( being the woman) I definitely will go off balance bt let it be & go tell God on your knees.

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    1. This one sef na attempted murder ish..she may not get off easily except the man drops the charges. I feel for her though, this is anger and betrayal at an height, she’s going to need serious psych help. Traumatic alone to find that out, her own mother, then this, another trauma added.


  4. making the leap that the accusations are true. The wronged woman had other options. Brutality and cruelty are never justified.

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    1. My first reaction was to ask if she burnt the mother also? But that’s being taking it lightly. This is anger gone so wrong. Then next I prayed to my creator not to let I or any of my friends ever experience this kind of anger. The mother wasn’t raped. She slept with her daughters husband. Both mother and daughter need to be taken to a psych ward. The husband though can’t be psycho…!! He’s just a senseless idiota animal.


      1. Yes both Mother and Daughter have issues and the husbands actions are not good but they all need help.

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    2. Did I forget to add he’s a Billy goat too!


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