Depression: No Way!!

So I typed a post, published but network was crazy and I ended up with a blank page. Meaning I have to do it again. Yuck. Ok. I may not get all out but will try to get most out. Here we go:
I woke up yesterday feeling so depressed, I had an awful lot on my mind, thinking is my favourite hobby, I can be in one place, staring at nothing, and create a plot in my mind of things I want to do and how I’m gonna do them. I can basically write a book in my mind. My moms says I shouldnt be thinking all the time, she says am prone to having a high blood pressure, so she’s always worried. I had so much on mind i needed to say, not write, i was feeling so choked by writing i wanted to talk, but i couldnt get the right words out. So I took to my WordPress reader, I didn’t get past the first 3 posts, I realised I should be happy and GRATEFUL always.
In essense am saying, its okay to feel down and unhappy once in a while, just be quick to snap out of it lest it breaks you badly. Smile and be thankful, you are alive, that alone is full of Hope. Make someone else smile, and you wont regret it.

Exploring Uren River by my house last evening!!

At my Landlady-Tenants meeting last night with my beautiful housemates.

And as if I wasn’t blessed enough to be alive, I woke up this morning and had no appetite for food, much less cooking at all. I was busy putting my thoughts yesterday into reality, when a pretty housemate and wonderful friend brought me toasts for breakfast.

Munching Away!!

And just as I was about to take this picture, my camera told me I had no space on my phone, I was yet reminded again that I needed to buy a 32gb….but wait!! What about those who have no external phone memory card apart from their internal phone memory?? I’m grateful I have 2gb and I can still take pretty pictures of me in my world!!
Like I always tell my friends:
Today, you are not where you were yesterday or what you were. Tomorrow, you wont be what you are today or what you were. ~Mary Job



  1. When you depressed just remember a lot of people out there are in worse situations and the truth is everybody has something that gets them depressed once in a while, I guess the way to conquer is just being able to snap out of it before it does more damage or becomes life threatening, I’ve had things happen to me that made me feel like life wasn’t worth living at all and I should just sleep and not wake up a couple of times but then I realise my existence itself is something many others wish they had and I should appreciate it, move closer to my creator than any other person in the world and he’ll make things all right with time,I’m sure of that.

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  2. You have a river just across your home? Now I’m officially envious! I’m sorry for only picking on that little thing from this wonderful post. I don’t even have a place to go when I wanna dodge. Not many trees here, and the air is far from auspicious with the extensive pollutive industrial activities of India. If you ever feel depressed again, just remember me and start counting your blessings against mine lol

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    1. Hahahaha thanks dear Herbert…the river is beside my house off campus, ours is d last house on the street so yeah. Hmmm I don’t envy you at all o, well Lagos is almost like that, but not as bad as what you described. I guess you can’t wait to be done and out of there. Well now I have another friend in India should I pass through there before you are done.

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      1. Oh, Lagos, Nigeria….still envious. Actually, I’m losing my mind about this! You just reminded me of the little things I miss…the little things that really matter.
        And yeah; can’t wait to get outta here…I got like 2 and a half years to go and I’m already losing my mind. India really has it’s perks though: an enormously rich culture, simple people, engineering structures and temples etc. The cuisines are just overly overrated, I think. So yeah, as a tourist, you could visit sometime and I’ll show you around. That is if I don’t come to Lagos first!

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        1. Haha..that would be super cool and if you do come to Lagos I would be more than happy to show you around. But awww just bask in the little things over there too, no place like home but if you take pleasure in the pleasurable..two years will be over in no time. I know you got what it takes. Cheerio.

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    2. Yes we house is last on my street and its beside my house. Hahaha..I don’t envy your environment. Wow.. Well Lagos in Nigeria is almost like that but not as bad as you describe. I’m sure you can’t wait to be back home most likely. At least should I be in India I now have another friend there to see.

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