Teach them young – Episode 1

I was wondering, is it I, or are young people just plain careless or nonchalant about their future? Or could it be some sort of youthful exuberance?

About two weeks ago, I was at the salon, my stylist has 3 apprentices. She was furious with one because, a customer had come to ask for wool and instead of checking, the young girl told the customer there was none. She was being punished, but she was totally not remorseful and being stubborn. She felt she wasn’t wrong because, just the day before, another apprentice said the same to a customer, so she was just echoing what someone else said, and she insisted the other person was at fault. As if that wasn’t enough, my stylist stepped out, and the three of them were totally giggling and making fun of all sorts while plaiting my hair. I was furious but I kept my cool. I was wondering if I should tell them their attitude would wreck their lives if they continued on that path or mind my business. One of them wasn’t smiling, and she kept telling the other two to be serious.

At the end of my time there, my stylist was giving them a lecture about their behaviour as apprentices. She told them stories of when she was in training and how badly they were treated.

They were trained not to know, except they were determined to know.

I used that opportunity to chip in my comments, I simply told them, when they get to her age, they would wish they listened to her and learned well. I also mentioned about their playfulness while plaiting my hair, telling them, the only reason I wasn’t furious was because I knew their boss to be a great person at her job. If I was a stranger, I wouldn’t set my foot back in that salon!!

I’m just imagining if these kids take that kind of attitude into their future, the outcome would be catastrophic. He who has hears, let him hear now, its never too late to practice having a good attitude. Anyway, am going to have to chuck it up to being exuberant.

Nevertheless, i ended up with a great hairdo!!


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  1. Let’s be the judge of the hairdo MJ (lol). Where is the pic? Hehe! Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: MariaJobSent: Thursday, 5 November 2015 11:34 PMTo: churchgosellers@gmail.comReply To: MariaJobSubject: [New post] Teach them young Ҁ“ Episode 1

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    Mary Job posted: “I was wondering, is it I, or are young people just plain careless or nonchalant about their future? Or could it be some sort of youthful exuberance?

    About two weeks ago, I was at the salon, my stylist has 3 apprentices. She was furious with one because,”

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  2. I think young people today don’t take things seriously because we have become an entitled society. I see it all the time here in the United States. Kids think that wanting something means they should get it raather than work for it. When you don’t have to work for things they don’t learn respect or the value of work.

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    1. Same here, those who stand out work their way for it. And imagine we don’t even have a quarter of the resources needed to stand out, but we do anyway. It’s a sad thought really. I witnessed another episode this morning. Will share by nightfall.


  3. No, I don’t believe you’re wrong sweetie, because I have noticed that kind of inappropriate behavior in young un’s myself when they are at work. I’m not sure what is behind those attitudes but there’s a time and a place for joking around and a time to have a professional attitude and some of the younger adults apparently have not been taught the difference…either in their home, their schooling or in any other previous work situations. But I love your new hairdo!! It’s cute and sassy, just like you! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you sweetie. Honestly its appalling. I said episode 1 because I encounter this bad attitude almost every week and am always baffled. I have another episode scheduled to publish in 5hours. At a point, am wondering who is to blame for these bad behaviour they exhibit.

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      1. Can’t wait to read Episode 2! Is it perhaps because this generation of young adults were raised to believe that everything they do has to be rewarded and praised…and excessively so? I think that perhaps we have gone overboard in boosting their egos and their self esteem and maybe we have taught them that failure is a bad thing, when we know it’s not. Failure is a good teacher. Thomas Edison, who owned thousands of patents and invented so many useful things, also said that he failed more times than he succeeded but that he learned from each failure. I don’t know, just throwing those thoughts out there.

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