Teach them young – Episode 2

I was wondering, is it I, or are young people just plain careless or nonchalant about their future? Or could it be some sort of youthful exuberance?

Earlier yesterday, I volunteered to assist a friend and colleague administer mid-semester tests, there were over 200 students. Mid semester test mark is 15%. Cutting the long story short, two students were seen with their phones during the exam, after expressly stating before the test began that their phones should be out of sight. That didn’t even baffle me.

Of course they got minus marks for not obeying the rules, and their phones were seized. What amazed me was this, after the test, they came to meet their teacher, who said, pick one….
it’s either you get zero over 15 and have your phone back immediately
You don’t get your phone back immediately and you get what you score on the test.

Can you guess what their reply was?? Mind you, they came at different intervals.

Student A said, I prefer the minus 7, I will take my phone.
Student B said, I prefer the zero over 15, I will take my phone.

I ask again, am I being paranoid or this is perfectly normal behaviour??


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    1. Yes of course dear. Judging from what they had on the scripts, they would have scored less than 5%. Am baffled because of their I don’t care attitude if they fail. Like they on top of the world.

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