Teach them young – Episode 3

So there I was again, at the salon, all this talk recently about phobias has hyped my senses. Just few days back I saw a giant spider with thick legs in my kitchen sink and oh well, you can imagine how freaked out I was. Also I woke up yesterday morning, feeling like I had a spider under my weave, anyway I ended up in the salon again too soon, I asked them to take the weave out, I washed my hair and was still feeling like I had a spider up there. Anyway, at least now it’s confirmed its just my imagination at work.
So at the salon, my stylist was furious, one of her apprentices recently denied selling wigs, while they were at that, she sold another, instead of remitting the funds, she took the funds home, the next day, the stylist baffled, asked; where is my money? She said her mother saw money in her bag, took it and spent it. The stylist, shocked, picked up her phone at the end of the day, called the father who brought his daughter to learn the trade to report the daughter, the man promised to find out what happened.
The next day, which was when I was there, the woman looked up at the girl and said where is my money? The girl said, my father said he will refund the money on Monday when he has enough. My stylist exclaimed; what kind of parents do you have? Why would your mother spend money out of your purse without asking if its yours? Is she encouraging you to steal? And your father couldn’t call me myself, he sent you to me?
Well basically, she was furious and wondered why parents would behave in such manner, and to make matters worse, this girl still wasn’t remorseful, she was full-headed.
Basically, am also wondering too….. What the heck????
I know no parent wants to be ridiculed by their children, its heartbreaking. What could the father have done I wonder? I only pray she will listen to corrections before its too late.

There’s a Yoruba saying that goes like this: Eni ba pa ro, a ja ole, Eni ba ja le, a doko. Basically means, a liar, will definitely steal, and a thief will definitely sleep around like a dog.

He who has ears, let him/her listen!!



  1. The problem still lies with the parents. You see money in your child’s bag and without asking questions , you spend it. Mba nu! They are encouraging the child to take what doesn’t belong to her. She has started by taking her boss’s money home. Tomorrow, it won’t be only money. It will extend to other things. Parents should wake up to their responsibilities.

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    1. In her case, that’s what the Boss said, she was asking the girl, is it your mom that has been sending you to steal? In some cases however, some children are just so damn naughty even the parents can’t help it, but not this horrible as to steal. Let us ask for God’s grace in all.

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    1. She isn’t employed, she’s an apprentice. Here, apprentices don’t get paid, its like internship, but you don’t know the trade at all, but they get tips for good behaviour from their boss or clients.


            1. I hope she does..considering the constant lessons she’s getting from her boss who cares. Typically, she would have been sent away a long time, bosses arent that nice. I hope she doesn’t land herself in big trouble before realising she’s all wrong with a bad attitude.


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