#SweetNovember #Scorpio #BirthMonth #19th

Nov 1…a beautiful Sunday, I was extremely excited from the time my clock struck midnight. It is my month and I can’t keep calm. I set out to go use my school library, it started to rain in the evening, and the rain just wasnt about to stop, so I set back home. Luckily for me, there were no bikes, perhaps because of the rain so I walked the lonely road home that night. I was excited. Who wouldn’t?

Oh yes, i had been thinking of creating a wish list for my birth month. So I made a pictorial wish list of things I want to get my hands on, just like you have on amazon. First and foremost on my list would be
A powerful PC is definitely No. 1 on my list…mhhh. Next, mhhh, cheese cake

I want a cheese cake.....mhhh

For my birthday thankful mode at least..never did do birthday celebrations but this year feels really special, of course it is..Next, a professional camera would be awesome, I mean, I’m no amateur, hehehe..I’m at an intermediate level..rolls eyes*
Nikkon PRO DSLR ....cravings..

This would do a whole lot of tricks..Hmmm.

Next up,
Weird..Nope..Those Persian kittens are so cute I want to cuddle…and oh well, I always wanted a gold fish..Next,

Some mobility would be extremely useful..yikes. Next,

Oh yeeeah...Victoria's Secrets...Hmmm

VS is surely the bomb. VS Sobs…. Ok..what next, hmm, last but not the least…

A Schengen Visa would be awesome..*heartthrob*

Oooh yes, that will be super awesome in the words of my super friend Martha. Oops I think I forgot something…

It sure feels that way...yikessss

That wraps up my wish list for my birth month. We all are each special in our own little way. When is your birthday? How about a wish list??



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