What does it mean to forgive?

Mother Theresa was a wise woman.

According to my dictionary app..it says:
(transitive) To pardon, to waive any negative feeling or desire for punishment.
(intransitive) To accord forgiveness.

Does this mean when you forgive, the consequences of the offender’s action are wiped away too??

Could forgiveness be relative?
Could forgiveness be situational?
Could it be that you forgive but the consequences are still there to be dealt with??

That's Right...Let go and be free

What if you forgive, you wipe the consequences, giving the offender a clean slate without any punishment…have you helped that person??

For instance, how would you forgive a liar, a thief, a terrorist, a murderer, a cheat, a wicked person, an evil being, etcetera. I’m pretty sure forgiveness is okay, but what happens to the consequences of their actions? What do you think forgiveness is?

I absolutely agree

(Images courtesy Google search for forgiveness images.)
A beautiful week to all…Cheerio.

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