Digital Vs Analogue..

Which do you prefer? Who wins? Image Credit - Charles Job

Errrrr……for me, its funny but Analogue wins. You just can’t beat writing on paper. The feeling is awesome still. I like digital too though, but Analogue never disappoints. Digital can run out of battery, memory, it can crash for absolutely no reason. With Analogue…there’s always space. Let’s hear from you. Add your reasons.

Analogue Speaks for Itself... Doesn't it?

Each new idea begins with an impulse
at times technical
sometimes material
often visual ~

Charles O. Job

vis-a-vis wood - The latest version of the park bench Vis-a-Vis, designed by Charles O. Job, for ABES Public Design

Did I forget to mention, this Charming, Funky, Trendy Uncle of mine makes Super Awesome Works of Arts.

Manolo by CharlesJob. Manolo is a new typology of furniture, a seat designed to aid the daily ritual of putting on ones footwear. Who wouldn't love this one?? I do.

Not to mention he’s an extraordinary photographer. You can find his website Here…


- A new umbrella stand "KANT" for MOX by charles o. job was presented at the IMM 14 in Cologne, Location: "Pure Village", Halle 02.2 Stand L020 13. Januar - 19. Januar 2014

Oooh you don’t think am going to let you go without showing you some of his photos right…

The cock said....!!! I wonder what? Hmmm
Cloud Juice....! Jus de Nuage
And there he is...Pic taken by G. Job, my niece. **whispers...another genius there** Shhhhh...will feature her one day.
Oper Fur ALLE....Look at those skies...Beautiful
M O T H E R S....
Turisti Cilesi a Milano...

Hmmm….I think that’s enough for today. So what do you think? Analogue Vs Digital???

Cheerio Lovelies.


  1. I love the spontainaiety of analogue. It is more immediate, more accessible. You see, you record, you digest and you think. Analogue takes TIME, and TIME is the key to our creativity.

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    1. Yeah. I absolutely agree with you Unc. That’s a wonderful perception. Just when I was thinking of what links the variables in my thesis…I actually drew a circle in d middle of my conceptual model saying Time is of the essence, but was still wondering how to explain that part to my supervisor. And yada yada yada. You just inspired me for the second time today. Love ya much. Muaaaaah.


  2. Today everything is Digital..being an Artist I love Analogue and the use of paper for my sketches, writings and watercolor paintings…but also I love Digital Art….lol…btwMary what is the photo in Milano? Are you there? πŸ™‚

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    1. No Carolina, am not there, those are photographs taken by my Uncle at places he’s been. Do you stay in Milan? Will be sure to holla if I am there. And its true about everything being digital. Nothing beats Analogue though. Haha.

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  3. Analogue…. it never dies. Digital/ here today , crashes tomorrow and everything is gone. There is a connection between the writer and the written words when it is on a paper. Digital is good, no doubt but Analogue is home. When I write something down, i hardly forget it. Seeing my writing as it has transformed over the years gives me a certain satisfaction.

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