High School Reunion…


Day was Saturday the 28th; my high school had a reunion planned, I hadn’t been to any previously, and had promised myself I wasn’t going to miss this year’s event. Despite not sleeping early, I woke early to put the house in order before I left, venue was in Ajah, Lagos State, “Lekki Leisure Lake” that’s approximately two hours drive from where I reside, but hey I wasn’t driving.
While making breakfast I got a call from a friend’s driver, I had placed a order for his book: “Sebetically Speaking”, intriguing title right”, he was on his way to my town and wanted us to meet by 12noon. I thought oh well, I can leave for Lagos immediately after I see him.


You can order yours on AmazonAmazon Here or Here in Africa or just contact me.
I got all dressed and ready, but Alas, it was 1pm and I had not heard from the driver. So I headed out to the park where we planned to meet, called him and he said he was almost there. I looked around for a salon to go paint my nails, found one, got them painted, it got dry and then the man called, by now it was almost 2pm, I was almost discouraged but I said hey, why be?


I got the book, took a bike to the park where I was going to get a cab going to Ajah town. On getting there, a car had just left, another was called, I thought to myself, ‘hope we get six passengers quickly’. I was going to sit in front but the driver pleaded I allowed an old man who just came to have the front sit, I said no problem, middle seat okay.
The sun was scorching hot that afternoon, the drivers at the park kept telling me to come sit under the shade by the side of the road while they looked for passengers. Hmmm, I kept declining, you know why? The dust outside was alarming, I was more afraid of all that dust than the hotness of the sun on my dudu(black) skin. Then this guy came, I was happy, he had wanted to come in through where i sat and i told him to go around the other side as it was much easier to get into the back, he said just tell me you don’t want to come down, i said but you see that’s what the driver said too(grinning), he didn’t agree, he dropped his bag and made funny faces at me, Haha. Then a lady, yikes, she sat right beside me and we gisted away, she was asking me where the express road around us led to, she said she has only been to two states in the country(**whispering: we have 36states**), the one we were in and the one we were headed. Her routine was the same, home to college, college back home. Woow.
Three more passengers left. Luckily I would say, (I hate to be unlucky…jajaja), I spent over an hour and half at that garage. And still ended up giving my seat to an older woman who’s a thick madam. I mean, one passenger left and she definitely couldn’t fit in the back. Funnily, I wasn’t tired, bored or angry, I was just crazily happy.


All week I had a low morale and had this terrible pain on the ball of my foot which got worse that morning (will tell you about that later). Anyway we all had a good time in that vehicle, gisting with each other, the older ones telling us about life when they were younger. One man told us how he would go from Ibadan where he schooled, to Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s shrine in Lagos, saving up every week for that trip, because it was fun. Long story short, I got to the reunion venue around 5:45pm. Choiiiiii, can you just imagine that? Don’t forget I still had to get back home. Not less than two hours back again. Anyway my mind was made up….mingle, jingle, and laugh.


Oh my the scenery was beautiful, the music was on point and my classmates, all whom I hadn’t seen in flesh for 16years(since 1999) were absolutely wonderful and gorgeous, for those that joined the class senior high, after I left and who definitely didn’t know me were filled with love as well. They were all excited, dancing and gisting.


Oh by the way, can you believe this, I can’t dance….**whaaaaaaaat**. I almost thought Shege to that other school I went to after leaving Kankon, it was a baptist Christian school with absolutely zero tolerance for any Social LIFE, I know I lost all my dancing skills there which I had acquired and practiced in the back scene in Kankon during social nights which would end by 9pm for us Juniors. **wheeew**. But I must say I made wonderful new friends there too, another Reunion in view for that. Hehehe. Although I remember the principal of that school used to announce on the assembly ground whenever a student erred, that those of us from public government schools had come to corrupt his kids. **Coughs…arrrgh, children that were super corrupt already**. That’s a Fact. Over-protect your kids and what they develop is a heightened curios spirit for weird adventures.
I can’t forget to mention our own Photo Pro, Teddy DigitPro…Click to see his works here, he was in the house that day, busy taking vintage pictures with his amazing device, Yikes, Oh my, i think it was a Nikon D800, y’all know I love photography and my wish-list includes a very mid-level DSLR.


Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, time was merciful. I left 7:45 thereabouts and got home at exactly 10:09pm. By the way I bought a hot loaf of bread and forgot it in the cab…**sobs**.

Myself and Lovely Lady K.

It was a lovely day.
Cheerio Lovelies.

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  1. wow! i can tell that you really had a fantastic reunion judging by the pictures. Thanks for sharing I have never been to Lekki Leisure lake.I will try to do that soon.I have nominated you for the infinity dreams award here. https:kingsoracle.wordpress.com/infinity-dreams-award.
    You are such an interesting blogger. thanks for influencing others with your gifts πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm yes I did. Thank you, the pleasure is mine. Honoured. It was my first time at the lake too. Pretty cool place, I would be checking it out again soon. They also charge 1k for entrance. I have all their price list and activities, drop your email and I can forward to you. Thank you for the compliments, am flattered. Will do justice to the award real soon. Xoxo.


  2. Mary, thanks for coming around to the reunion and adding tons of color, fun and camaraderie to the event. I’m glad you made it and got back home in Good time and safe. You’re the real MVP of the event.

    Cheers to the bond fostered by Model College Kankon Badagry

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Am honoured by your words. Thank you a million times Joseph. And yeah, Cheers to that bond, and I pray we leave our stamp on humanity in all ways we can. Thanks again Joe. Oshey Pupo..God bless you much brother.

      Liked by 1 person

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