Wow… Speechless. If you don’t read this, then you are seriously missing out on Life and Love.😄😇😊. The courage of one individual fueled by Love, the greatest gift we can give one another. Today we are so wrapped up in living a “mind your business lifestyle”, that we end up missing out on Love and Family. Do read this short inspiring story and tell me what you learned from it.
P.S – Love your neighbor as you love thyself…(Best Natural and Spiritual Law given to mankind).

Jeneane Behme's Writings

In my childhood home in Flushing Township, we didn’t have many neighbors living out in the boonies like we did, but the nearest ones to us, The Echlins and the Cogswells, were like family to all of us since our house was first built in 1965 when I was 10 years old.

We were especially close to the Cogswells, who lived directly across the road from us. At the time that we had our house built, Rhoda and Raymond Cogswell had two grown daughters, Marcella, who lived in Florida, and Pat, who had just graduated from high school and very soon moved out on her own.

So my two younger brothers and I became surrogate kids for the Cogswells and we had an open invitation to run across the road and visit with them anytime.

They had such interesting things to do and play with! There were several huge 100…

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