How I learnt to find relevant information.

So Apt and On Point!!! Thank you for pointing this out in a simple to read language. You have stated how easy it is to fall into death traps online. I learnt something new today, the PLO, never knew about that. Thank you for a wonderful and insightful post. Readers, do enjoy this piece of credible information. Needless to say, no one knows it all.

priscilla n life

Finding credible information. The hows and wheres.

Teacher knows it all. Right? That is what I thought before I began teaching at a local university. I was assigned to teach year four undergraduates majoring in biology. The unit, physiology, is one of my favorite areas of biology, naturally, as I am health researcher. I quickly accepted. My first thought was I had to know everything about this subject before I entered the classroom. Unfortunately this was not my area of expertise (not that I’m an expert at anything!) and so I felt like I had jumped into the deep end. The result, a frantic search for information anywhere I could get it. Logically, like most of people I started online. That’s when I fell down the rabbit hole. Too much information, too much irrelevant information, too much misinformation and as usual too many distractions. A simple Google search resulted in…

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