Kids….so innocent!!

There I was on a beautiful cold morning, heading out to school…I had a 7am class and I sure didn’t want to be late. At that time, primary and secondary school kids were usually on their way to school, be it walking to their various schools or in their school buses, you would see them. Right on my street, just as I walked up the slope, I saw two kids, a sister and a little brother walking up to school, the mom waving them goodbye.
But the little boy was crying and he wasn’t wearing any shoes. He kept crying all the way up, and I was looking at him and trying to smile to see if I could infect him with my smile. But he kept crying, just before we got the top, I had to ask the sister since my infectious smile wasn’t working.

Why is he crying????

The the sister explained how he used his sandals, which their mom had just bought him to make goal posts…and subsequently loose it. The furious mom who had little to nothing wasn’t happy, so she resolved, he would walk to school barefoot that day, so that next time, he won’t loose his sandals. (Pretty normal for boys to do that here, I remember my older brother doing that all the time when we were kids and my mom always so angry that he did).
Anyway that day I felt so sad that the kid had to go to school barefoot, he’s about 4years old or even three. I understood the mother’s plight most definitely and didn’t think she was being wicked. In fact, I talked to the boy after speaking with the sister, I explained to him how and why he shouldn’t loose his shoes, and told him I was going to give the mom some money to get him new shoes. And made him promise not to loose them. Which he did and stopped crying.
Oh my, I was happy.
I walked back down to talk to the mom, gave her N500( like $4), but enough to get a new sandal, I know its a small stipend, but was all I could afford.

I should ask you my readers though…. The world is filled with so much conspiracy and evil and injustice…in what ways are you putting smiles on another person’s face however you can??

my hilly street... Picture taken few hours ago with friends!!


  1. Communication is important. I’m a Caregiver for my spouce who is bed-ridden. Plus I have a new family to contend with. So I find they smile most when I give them money! LOL! I’m on close terms with a lot of my neighbors. I help them when they need it, and they return the favor. Plus, I sometimes use my blog to try and crack a smile here and there :O)

    You have a good heart Mary! It may have just been $4, but now the boy doesn’t have to cry because his feet hurt… A valuable lesson in action! Sometimes we need to extend ourselves farther than just a friendly ‘Hello…’ Pleasant reading!

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    1. Thank you my friend. Yes communication is very very important. I was glad the boy understood me and stopped crying that morning. Being a care-giver is not easy, wow. I pray for more strength for you. Thanks. Cheerios. Stay strong..Xoxo

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  2. Personally I took psychology, and in psychology we learned that punishments are not the way to teach a child. They don’t grow that way, and it can really negatively affect the child. My parents used to spank me as a child, but I never learned a lesson from that. In fact, in instills fear of the parents onto the child. I wouldn’t want my child to be afraid of me. What you did was a great deed.

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    1. Thank you Maritza. This world is so large yet small. We can only do our best even if it seems not good enough. It’s definitely not easy. But heads up high, and the sky is just the beginning.

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        1. Awwwwww am flattered. I only try to be positive. I made being positive my only choice. I can’t afford to be unhappy. Am alive…what more can I hope for, eh. Thank you for loving the write up.

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