Knowledge Sharing is Power!!

A beautiful thing happened to me some days ago, I was in the library, thinking about computer programming languages, i want to do a great web design for a client, I want the job to be the best of the best, and at the same time I wished it was something I could do myself, the technical parts that is, I do not want to outsource it.

A colleague walked past, he stopped to say hi and we got to talking about our projects because we have the same supervisor. We also discussed extensively about our personal projects and I found out he knows how to write programming languages, we both are not computer science students, we are just fascinated with information technology and its services. Since I knew him so well, I asked if I could outsource that part of my work to him. He humbly declined, indicating that I know we both have huge workloads, academically and personally, and instead advised I start learning programming as it is a major part of IT today. He stated how he also had a phobia for it, which I do too, but had to overcome that fear.

My thoughts screamed Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!!! So I said perhaps you are right, I should start, he was delighted, he went to get his computer and gave me over 200 video tutorials for different programming language that I was to learn, stating that I start with HTML and CSS, he persuaded me not to fret, even if it takes me three years to be good at it. Now I am scared…teasing.

I witnessed another beautiful thing again about two days back, I was coming into the compound where my folks business is located, and I noticed the gateman had a friend with him who was showing him how to mend a sandal. So I paused and asked what they were doing, the gate man said he just met this guy who is from the same part of the country as he is, they both speak the same language so they understand each other. Then he said, he is teaching me how to stitch a sandal. I commended him for trying to learn, told him I could too, it wasn’t too difficult and thanked his new friend tremendously for taking the time out to teach him.

Are we learning anything from these two beautiful situations I have witnessed?? Yes?? No?? Anyway I would tell you.

You see in my first story, all that guy would have done normally was to take on the job even if he knew he couldn’t deliver what I wanted, much less encouraging me to learn or giving me tutorial videos for free. Something that would have taken him time and money to download. In the second story as well, the gateman’s new friend could have said, okay let me have your stand for my shoe-making business, instead of walking about the streets to market my business like a nomad.

Do you get now???? The culture of knowledge stinginess is fading gradually…although not as much. I am sure we have exceptional people around such as these two fellas.

Basically, what I want to share with you today is simple.

Knowledge Sharing is Power!!

Yes it can be hard, difficult, bad, because of greedy, selfish and wicked individuals who take your craft and parade the world selling it as theirs, for people who do that, understand that the world is too large, yet small for habits like that, undertaken out of greed of money (Karma is a bitch).

To you my friend reading this, of course, no one is asking you share your trade secret, that’s different. But teaching others what you can, what they can benefit from, amounts to Love, Love for your fellow human. With Love in your heart, you will move mountains. Not everyone you show love to will reciprocate or be grateful, but show love still….it is the best recipe for a happy life, one that could boldly say I Lived!!

Maria is Living..are you?
i am living….are you?
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  1. Someone may steal your work, but never your talent. All you have to do, is move and change your name. LOL! I’ve always loved to learn and share! If that goes over well, you have a friend :O) A good theme, two stories, and a moral is what I call stylish writing Mary! I truly enjoyed this one!

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        1. He gave me this link too… .the videos are huge and internet cost isn’t friendly here…would uploaded and shared via Dropbox. But I will however upload when I have the chance to use WiFi, it may take a while though. But that website is also perfect.


  2. Mary, thank you for sharing and, I agree with you that knowledge is power, it’s always nice when someone shares their knowledge with others. I hope you can quickly learn what you need to do and can make a success with your new skills. All the best to you in your endeavours.

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