You are Unique…believe that!!

We are all born for something, all fingers are not equal. God, our Creator has given each of us a gift. Use yours positively, use it to serve humanity.

Most times we even think/believe we have nothing to offer. When someone tells you that you have nothing to offer, tell them i have something to offer. State it categorically even if you do not believe you do just yet.

We can all be something great. Let us take advantage of the opportunities we have in front of us.

Stop whining, don’t rush, be calm and let God lead. What do you say we rock the heck out of this year 2016. I am ready.. Are you??

Look what I found... I have been Unique right from childhood!!😘😘

Anyone that hasn’t planned the year 2016 will ride along with the song most people are singing. So plan your year, work your plan prayerfully, and trust God regardless even when you don’t understand it.


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