Playing Smart… Where do you draw the line?

She walked into the premises, walk right past the reception, walking straight to the showroom where the MD was, I sprang up from the front office and with a smile and greeting, politely put myself in her path, asking how I may assist her.

She said, I’m looking for Chuks, even though it was my 2nd week on the job, I hadn’t heard of anyone with that name. So I asked, why don’t you call Chuks, she places a call on her phone, hangs up and said that’s him right there.

I looked at the direction she pointed, that person isn’t Chuks. From the moment she walked in looking smart and great, I knew she was about to play some smart moves. I called my colleague, and said to her, pls attend to this lady, she is looking for Chuks.

My colleague asked what she wanted, then she said, actually I am from a bank, I want to have a moment with your MD. Marketing the bank products I suppose.

Then I thought, how smart is smart? What’s smart about playing smart? Or rather I should ask, what’s smart about playing on people’s intelligence? Is honesty and straightforwardness now very lacking? Is it that kind of smartness that sells in business and personal lives today?

This is I...and i don't appreciate anyone trying to play on my Intelligence. Ha-ha!!

Let’s deliberate on this good people..what do you think??? Share your opinions.

9 thoughts on “Playing Smart… Where do you draw the line?

  1. I don’t see why they couldn’t have been straight forward in the first place… Some mistake weirdness for wisdom.

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    1. that’s not even weirdness, its dumbness..


      1. That too… One small step for Man. One giant leap for an Idiot!

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  2. You on fleek in the pic, Blasian Eyes! And yeah, some people!

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  3. Lovely picture of you. Some people are just jerks.

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    1. Thanks dear. Yes o, jerk is a good word.

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