6 Apps that increase Your Productivity

Oh yeah…thinking of paying for any of those certificate courses on time management and all, think again. Introducing you to these free productivity boosting apps…Read on! Am downloading mine right now..


If you are going to groan ‘not another app that will help me work because I already have Evernote”, well, as you know MiddleMe is not your usual career magazine, then this article will not be the usual Productivity Apps. Today, I am going introduce apps that are fun, easy and some people deem that they are a waste of time but I have introduced these apps to my coworkers and team, their productivity improve.

So what are these apps? Game Apps! And guess what, it is free to download on your App Store and Andriod Store.

But before you dismiss this article, read on.


Gourmet Ranch
It is a farming game that seems easy at first, you plant your seeds, they grow and you sell or make food and sell. As you grow stage by stage, you realise that the seeds took longer to sow, the food took longer…

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