A Few of My Random Thoughts – 2/15/16

Random thoughts from a friend alright…I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me these are words of wisdom..I don’t know about the football aspect though..hehehe. But if you don’t read and get a grasp of knowledge from the experience of others, you are doomed!! Ehm okay am just teasing, not doomed but Read you should if you want to grow.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Welcome to another purging session where I dump the contents of my noggin on the table for all to see!  Here are a few of my thoughts from this past week:

  1. Evelina and I had a busy social weekend which is incredibly rare for us.  On Friday night we attended a birthday party for a friend of ours and had a great time.  Then on Saturday night we had a few couples over for a Valentine’s dinner at the house.  We don’t do a lot of socializing these days as my MS gets in the way sometimes; social anxiety is one of my many side effects.  It is difficult to explain to those that haven’t experienced it, but large groups, loud music and conversations wear me out.  My neurologist informed us that many MS patients develop noise sensitivity.  This weekend I loaded up on meds (lol) and headed out!  It…

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