Stand up for US!!

There I was on a very good night, going to a place of abode to lay my head for the night, my day had been very dramatic and I was tired. I boarded a bus and sat at the front row seat, third from left. A Hausa/Fulani woman by the window and a man in our middle. Ours was the first row seat behind the passenger and drivers seat.

Along the way, the woman received a call, the caller was telling her where to alight, but she didn’t understand so she gave the driver her phone and he noted her stop. Alas when she reminded him where to stop her, he just started shouting on her, saying it was the last stop, she should have reminded him earlier.

But how could she? She doesn’t understand a word in English or Pidgin… She has no idea or knowledge of the road she was in, and because she couldn’t understand him, it meant she couldn’t even respond. The driver however kept shouting and insulting her.

The man seated in our middle, became furious and called the driver to order, telling him you were the one the person on the phone spoke too, you should have informed your bus conductor that someone is stopping at Ikate, the driver insulted him back calling him all sorts of names, saying he’s frustrated, he should mind his business, blah blah blah.

At that point, I felt bad…this man had the right to call the driver to order, here he was standing up for a woman who couldn’t stand up for herself…you can guess what happened next.

I added my voice, told the driver point blank his common sense isn’t common, for starters and that he’s a stupid man for not simply apologising to the woman and solving the problem. The bus conductor was a gentleman however, he pleaded with us to allow his driver concentrate on the road, and asked the woman to go across the road and take a bus back and tell them she’s stopping at Ikate. He also gave her money to go back.

I silently said a prayer for her and hoped she gets home safe….it’s a cruel and crazy world. We women must learn to stand up for one another… A big hug to all the men who stand up for us women too. God bless them.


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5 thoughts on “Stand up for US!!

  1. Glad she was given money to go back as well. It’s a good thing the conductor was kind, here most quarrels start with the conductor.

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    1. Yeah..true..thk God this one was a gentleman while the driver was a crazy person.

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  2. Hi Mary; Very intriguing blog entry… Seems like The Conductor kid of solved the issue. It sure is a crazy world alright! I’m glad you spoke up too! Someone should have taken down his bus number and reported him. Now I’m all worked up! LOL!

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    1. Awww don’t be worked up o..yes the conductor is a good person. Ha-ha. Hugs. Am glad you found the post intriguing.😎😎


  3. I am glad youand the other passenger were there to stand and help her Mary.

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