Don’t give up just yet….

Just when i thought that phase was over….

Just when i had relaxed and begun to settle into my new routine….

Just when i thought, finally i can get me some value-filled time….

Just then, they came and destabilized the foundation it took me years to build….

Just when i thought another phase was here….


Just then......
Just then……






Never give up….Brighter and better days ahead….!!!!

I am afraid i will be offline for a little while more…To my blogging friends and community, i definitely miss you loads. See you really soon by my Creators’ Grace….Mwaaah. Xo


12 thoughts on “Don’t give up just yet….

  1. Now, this is more like you. Beautiful. Keep writing!

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  2. Never give is always a good reminder! On this journey we call life, we are going to be tempted to throw in the towel but this is not the time…Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks Richard. You have a blessed new week too. Xo


  3. I’m sending you many, many good thoughts and hopes that everything will be okay with you and yours as soon as possible. You are badly missed, including by me 😀

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    1. Mwuaaaaaah….Xo. Thank you very much. I send you good thoughts too from here.

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      1. So glad to hear back from you sweetie! Take good good care of yourself XOXO!!!

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  4. I’m gonna miss you too 😦

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    1. awww…i am almost back by his Grace. Be with you soon…mwaaaah.


  5. I hope you are alright. I am not back yet either, I get on at night to try to read and comment.

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    1. Thank you dear for always caring, i am good.

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      1. I’m glad. Talk to you soon

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